Music & Movement

We believe that it’s good for children to learn music and to be physically active. So all of our students have Music and Movement time every day. We can’t promise that your son will become a piano prodigy, but he will learn songs and experiment with different musical instruments. And while your daughter may not become an Olympic athlete, she will discover (through both indoor and outdoor activities) that the best forms of play don’t always involve a touchscreen or a remote control.

Here’s a note from our Music & Movement teacher:

I’m so excited for Music & Movement this year at The Academy at WellSpring! We will have loads of fun as we sing our way through the school year. 

Students will learn our monthly Bible verse (ensuring that they learn biblical truth) and practice for performances.  They will also learn to:

  • Keep a steady beat
  • Use gross motor skills and develop spatial awareness
  • Use fine motor skills through playing rhythm instruments
  • Learn about community and self-awareness through games, dances, and songs

We are thrilled to teach your little ones to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord”!