We love TAWS! Sending our first child to preschool was full of new-parent, anxious feelings. What we found at The Academy at WellSpring was peace, a prayerful and fun-loving environment, and a home-away-from-home! Since our first, we have now sent all three of our children to TAWS. They come home happy, full of life, and well-loved. We couldn’t be more pleased with our time in this precious preschool!

—David and Sarah Humphrey


We first heard about The Academy at WellSpring through a friend that I worked with, so when it was time to put our oldest son in a program, we decided to enroll him at TAWS. Palmer has been here since he was two years old and now he’s finishing up his Pre-K year. Our younger son, Harrison, couldn’t wait to start going to school and is finally enjoying his first year. He absolutely loves his new friends and teachers. We are so impressed with the love and compassion that these teachers and staff have for our children. Having the Christian foundation is what is most important for us, so much so that we made Wellspring our church home as well. We love this place! The entire staff always make us all feel so special and welcome. Palmer stills runs up to his old teachers for hugs and smiles. Knowing this is his last few months here is a bit sad, but to see him excel in this environment is so rewarding as a parent. We couldn’t ask for a better place to watch our boys grow and learn!

—Reid and Erin Mitchell


Our family has been incredibly blessed to send both our children to The Academy at WellSpring! We are forever grateful to the teachers and staff for helping to establish a love of learning in our kids, and most importantly for showing them the love of Jesus. I am also thankful for the peace of mind I have when I dropping off my kids each morning. I know they are not only safe, but also well loved and cared for. The adoration my kids have for all their teachers shows me that the time they spend at preschool is in a safe and loving environment. I love seeing the joy and excitement in their eyes as they tell me about their day and all they learned. If it were possible to send them to The Academy past Pre-K, I would have done so! The Academy at WellSpring will always hold a special place in our hearts!

—Matt and Andrea Laurenzano


What can I say about The Academy at Wellspring? What an absolutely perfect place for my children to have their first experiences with teachers, school, Jesus, singing, learning, growing, friends, etc. etc. etc. When I first sent my 2 year old daughter there, it was the first time that anyone outside of my family had ever watched her. Though we were nervous on how our little girl’s first day, we were never nervous about the type of care that she was receiving. I know that she was being cared for with as much love as she would be in my own care.

My daughter did great on her first day. My son tested the limits and almost didn’t make it in the two-year-old class. He was and still is an intense little man, and very difficult to handle (especially when Momma and Daddy aren’t around). The sweet Christian women at TAWS kept the faith alive. He made it a little longer each day; by one month in to the school year, he was growing, speaking more, playing, singing (songs about Jesus!), and loving his little friends and teachers.

This wonderful place even brought us back to church. We were unable to attend church since our son’s birth, because he would cry and scream whenever we would try to put him in the nursery. But after a month at TAWS, we were able to start visiting WellSpring on Sunday mornings—our son felt so comfortable in the building that he enjoyed being in WellSpring’s nursery!!!

We have so much to be thankful for with TAWS and the women that work there. This wonderful staff truly loves my children. In a world where we are constantly questioning every parenting decision that we make, it feels very good to know that our decision to send them to TAWS was the right one. This preschool has done an outstanding job creating the foundation of Christian beliefs for my kids, as well as the necessary tools they’ll need to begin elementary school. We just love this special special place and blessed to have come across it when we did. I kinda wish that I could go there, too!

—Morgan Celeste Haynes