If you’re thinking about enrolling your kids in a Christian pre-school, you’re probably curious about the faith and beliefs of the school. Since we’re a part of WellSpring Christian Church, the “faith” aspects of our school align with WellSpring’s core beliefs. Those beliefs are also summarized here:

We can all agree that:

1) Jesus is Lord.

2) God is love.

3)  Jesus came “full of grace and truth.”

4)  The Bible is right.

We approach discussions about faith and doctrine with:

1) Unity

2) Humility

3) Freedom

4) Finite understanding (i.e.–This side of heaven, we don’t have all the answers.)

So…here’s what that means for your kids.  We teach core biblical truths about God as a creator and a loving Father, our need for a Savior, and Jesus as the way to forgiveness and everlasting life.  We don’t teach traditions or doctrines that are specific to a certain denomination.  So…regardless of your church home (or even if you don’t have one), we’re pretty confident that your child will grow in his or her love for God and understanding of the Bible through The Academy at WellSpring!