3 & 4 Year Olds

At ages 3 and 4, you REALLY start to see the distinct personality of each child!  For these ages, we continue to expose children to activities that:

    • Strengthen their gross motor skills
    • Begin to develop their fine motor skills
    • Expose them to the use of numbers, letters, colors and shapes
    • Encourage them to be creative through hands on crafts and play
    • Promote their social and interpersonal skills
    • Help them learn that the Bible is God’s true Word
    • Teach them that the Bible helps us learn more about God
    • Reveal God to them as both their loving Creator and the Creator of the world

We also introduce new activities and lessons to our three and four year olds that will:

    • Strengthen their writing capability
    • Introduce them to early pre-math
    • Encourage them to listen and follow directions
    • Introduce them to beginning scissor skills
    • Enhance their social and interpersonal skills
    • Help them make a distinction between the Old and New Testament
    • Enable them to understand a basic timeline of the Bible
    • Reassure them that they are unique, special, and that God will always love them